Gift Baskets


The Bellevue Avenue
Assorted Chocolate Truffles, Assorted Chocolates, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Chocolate Pineapples 

The Ocean Drive
Sea Salt Caramels, Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chocolate Rocks, Chocolate Scallop Shells, Chocolate Starfish, Chocolate Sand Dollars

The America's Cup
Assorted Chocolates, Sea Salt Caramels, Chocolate Lighthouses, Large Chocolate Sailboat, Chocolate Anchors, Chocolate Covered Nautical Oreos

The Newport Sweet
Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Sea Salt Caramels, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Bittersweet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons